Odyssey Surfboards

The Charleston Original

As Charleston’s premier surf shop, we are glad to match each individual with the perfect board for them. We specialize in surf shapes that fit Charleston’s ever changing surf conditions. We understand that long boards and minilogs, fit the waist high waves we generally receive, and supply a vast supply of both. We also have a great supply of smaller shapes to fit everyone needs from beginner to experienced surfer. We also stock many surf brands.

A quick peak at our range

The surf scene here is as proud and as passionate as anywhere else you’d find on earth. We figured, if we were going to make our Charleston surf shop a success, we’d need to hook up with some awesome shapers.

After whittling down a number of them that we had in mind, we decided on several that truly understood surfing the ever changing conditions Charleston throws at us.

Our Favorites

Come visit us in store, and you’ll find we can talk all day about why we love the boards in stock and are happy to educate everyone on why they work here. In case you want the short-hand version, you can find out more about the shapers we stock below.


Joe Demarco is the king of custom surfboards. Straight out of the north shore of Hawaii, we have been working with Demarco since the beginning. With masterpieces like the “mini log” and “musubi” (strange name, amazing board), and “blade of destiny” sweeping the Charleston beaches like wild fire. He keeps creating new models and designs always keeping Demarco surfboards on top of the industry, and we are proud to be their exclusive dealer to the east coast.


Stocking Erie boards was a no-brainer! Erie is 25 years deep in the shaping game, and has been regarded as one of the top east coast shapers, and here’s why: his boards are resin tinted and airbrushed masterpieces,without being a wallet drainer. With modern and old-school boards he covers the whole spectrum of shaping, his longboards from log to performance will propel you through any wave condition the ocean throws at you.


Kechele’s designs fit great with our waves. Hailing from Florida, and being the original shaper to Kelly Slater, Kechele’s designs truelly fit our waves. with designs like “THE DRIFTER” a single fin wave annihilator, to the “SQUISH” a perfect mixture of performance an small wave groveler. When you’re out there riding waves, you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get. It’s for this reason we love the Kechele range. As a serious boarder himself, and mastermind of many of the shapes out today, Matt Kechele has created products that are not only great to look at, but are also fantastic to ride.


Rusty is a classic name in surfing, and Rusty Surfboards has been leading in surfboard design and innovation since 1985. Their moto says it all : live, breathe, work, sleep surf. With a selection of some of the most stunning boards on the market, we’d be crazy if we didn’t stock Rusty surfboards. The Sista Brotha board and the Sweet Tooth are the equivalent of the sports car and the Zepplin speaks ever Charleston surfers language.


The best way to describe a Gum Surfboard is in its retro lines, volan patches, and amazing resin tints. When riding out there on the water, anyone wanting that perfect retro surfboard needs a Gum Surfboard. These vessels are hand shaped and glassed from start to finish. If your looking for a board that truly embraces that old school feel, then Brett is the shaper for you!


WRV stands for Wave Riding Vehicles. This team of expert shapers has been killing it for more than 50 years now. They strive for excellence. They obsess over it. And their boards are all the better for it. One ride on a WRV and you can feel every bit of sweat and suffering that went into making it. It’s inspiring.

Surf Lessons

If you love what we’re about, you may be happy to learn that we provide surf lessons to budding boarders.

Over the years, our team at Odyssey have become pretty good surfers themselves. In fact, meet them in person and you’ll hear all sorts of stories about places they’ve boarded and waves they’ve conquered. We’d like to big them up a little more, but they’re more than capable of doing that for themselves.

If you’d like one of our experts to give you your very own Charleston surf lessons, they’d be more than happy to oblige. For just $50 per hour, we’ll provide the board, equipment and instructor, and help you become a legendary surfer. Whatever your level, you’ll receive personalized instruction that will improve your confidence and fine tune your skills.

Lessons are dependent on weather (don’t worry, we always keep you safe), and must be booked in advance. The vibe is chilled, but expect to make SERIOUS gains!