Skateboard Charleston with Odyssey Board Shop

We are your Charleston skateboard headquarters

From street to long boarding and downhill skating. We specialize in custom boards, with our own in house custom decks from Island Boards based locally in Charleston S.C..

We will be happy to set up new and experienced skaters of all ages with new gear including safety gear from only the most quality brands without breaking the bank.

We do carry top brands in skateboarding like independent and thunder trucks, wheels from bones and spitfire. For the cruiser we carry sliding and cruising gear from brands like, Land Yachtz, Stella, Gravity, Globe, Santa Cruz and trucks from several brands like Gullwing, Caliber, Paris and the street surfer Carver skateboards used by many pros as a certified surf trainer.

When your gripping or regripping your deck we carry brands like MOB grip, Grizzly grip, and Mouse Grip and for all your bearing needs from Reds to ceramic bearings.

So hit us up we are happy to special order your next board at no additional cost, even if it’s not in stock we have access to hundreds of decks, trucks and wheels delivered in shop in 2 to 3 days.

Island Boards

Island skateboards are some of the most beautiful boards around. Coming in a range of shapes and sizes, Island boards combine ridability with appearance. Not only are these skateboards stunning to look at, but they’re completely unique in the way the ride. If you’re looking for an Island board in a skate shop, Charleston may disappoint you. Unless you search for your board at Odyssey. If you’re looking for an Island board, Odyssey Board Shop is the spot.

Carver Boards

A Carver skateboard is compared to the feeling of surfing on land. The board glides and carves like no other skateboard . Finding the right word to describe a ride on a Carver is difficult. It’s also difficult sourcing one of these boards in Charleston, unless Odyssey is your destination.