Paddleboard Charleston with Odyssey Board Shop

Paddleboarding has taken the US by storm. Here in Charleston, things are no different. People are finding the best way to see what this historic place has to offer isn’t by road, but by water.

Here at the Odyssey Board shop, we’ve been fans of the craze from the beginning. Our guided paddleboard tours have been running for years now, in which time we’ve led countless tours on historic Shem Creek.

Why Should You Paddleboard Charleston With Us?

Paddleboarding is a water sport for all, and is fairly easy and, all of our boards come suitable for a range of levels, so even if it’s your first time doing this, you’ll take to the sport and enjoy every minute on the water.

This makes them the perfect piece of equipment to use for our specialized eco tours. Our eco tours run frequently and each tour is personalized to the group, and an experience for native and tourist alike. We make these tours as much fun as possible for you and your group, They make a delightful way to spend a morning or afternoon. On these tours we teach you how to paddle, as well as show you some of Charleston’s natural wildlife, and educate you on the history of the surrounding area.Our open-minded approach to paddle boarding means every journey with us really is an adventure you will not soon forget!

What You'll Discover on an Eco Tour

Our guided Eco tour has been described as the experience of a lifetime. From seeing different types of wildlife to discovering dolphins, we promise it’s something you won’t forget for a while.

Carolina’s salt marsh environments have all sorts of wonderful creatures living here; from dolphin to the famous marsh rail “MARSH HEN”, you are sure to run into all types of South Carolina wildlife. Perfect for kids or just young-at-heart adults, this water-filled expedition is fun filled education or just plain FUN!

Paddle Board Rentals Charleston

Learning About South Carolina's History

If you want to take a different approach to paddleboarding, we’re happy to mix up the vibe and show you something totally different. The wonderful Shem Creek is a huge tourist draw here, and is something we know you’ll get a kick out of seeing for yourself.

Spend a little time taking in the history of the place, and listen to some of our stories that will give you a new perspective on one of South Carolina’s most famous spots. History is everywhere here and we’re excited to share as much of it with you as possible.

Why SUP Charleston With Anybody Else?

We are proud to be Charleston’s premier dealer of American made stand up paddleboards. With some of the best boards in the city and some of the friendliest tour guides around, why go paddleboarding with anybody else? Choose instead to hang out with the Odyssey Board Shop for unrivaled fun and entertainment on the water. After giving you enough on-land instruction to make you feel confident in what you’re doing, we’ll head out together in search of bottlenose dolphins, aquatic sea life and historical landmarks.

If there’s a better way to spend a day, we sure haven’t discovered it yet.